Monday, August 27, 2012

Rekindling a Relationship from embers to full flame--An Experiment

As many of you know I have embarked on a new adventure in my life. I have flung away my past, changed my venue and pretty much all of my friends. Moving to a place where I knew absolutely nobody, an hour and a half from where I grew up. Challenges have presented themselves with my health, yet I took initiative and decided to change my fate on Friday 13th, also known as Freaky Friday, a day that legend states one can revers ones fortunes.  Some of you maybe away that my relationship status changed a few weeks ago from single to it's complicated.  You may have seen my entry on "Gay Relationships and long-distance". Some of you might have guessed that entry and several others have been this change.  Parts of the story have to remain a mystery for just a little while longer yet.  However, there are a few things I can take the liberty of discussing with you! It is not my normal style not to offer full disclosure of events, as you are probably well aware from reading my blog.  But in the interest of mutual agreement we have decided to go this route.  I feel obligated to assuage some or ya'll's fear by giving you a general background on the situation and what our plans entail. But as with all things his is a dynamic, a work in progress, and subject to change without notice.  So without further ado I shall explain.

This relationship is not one of frivolity, it hasn't been entered into lightly at all.  A great deal of energy, sweat, and tears have gone into it.  If my memory serves me correctly, and I am sure if it doesn't I will be corrected.  But I believe this Thanksgiving day will be our five year anniversary. Strange as it may seem and as hard as it is to believe, I think I am right.  Because Sterling and I broke up just prior to then.  It was Sterling who brought us together initially, and another person named Will that kept us together. Now, you have to keep in mind that this relationship has always been open til now.  You might even say that we were FB's (F--k Buddies) that grew to care too much about each other.  Approximately one year ago give or take a few days, tragedy struck and we were separated by distance and illness. At which point I didn't think we would ever see each other again. Plus, my situation in Atlanta rapidly changed as well.  Due to some hard work of some "frienemies" I ended up literally on the streets of Atlanta where I stayed and learned how to survive and chase that paper! Some of you know exactly what I mean! I actually learned the art of hustle.  Let me digress for a brief moment and explain this, I have no regrets about what happened and I most certainly wouldn't change a thing.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons that will go a long way in my life. Back to the details, anyhow in October of last year I met someone named Bobby, that I hit it off really well and for a little while I thought we were going to be a couple.  Well as fate would have it I ended up getting sick and had to have surgery, which eventually let me to call my dad and ask if I could come down to Florida to stay with him.  Of course, I hadn't realized at the time that he wasn't living in Orlando, that him and my step mom had moved to Ormond Beach.  They agreed and in February I moved back to Florida.

I kept in touch with a few people, especially Bobby and I asked him to come down, he said he would  and that he wanted to. That he wanted to give us another try, but here we are in September almost and he still isn't here.  On March 5, 2012 I had a trip planned to go to Atlanta to get my things, visit some friends and possibly get Bobby and bring him back after the weekend was over.  Fate, stepped in again and the trip never actually happened.  My colon ruptured in two places and I started to bleed  to death. I was rushed into emergency surgery, died on the table three times, I am told and spent 29 days in intensive care.  I was told that my prognosis wasn't looking good.  That the doctor's didn't think I would make it till Christmas. So, I got on the computer and I tracked down all my close friends and ex's to let them know what was going on.  One of them is the person this is about by the way! When we talked I found out that he was going through his own battle and struggling with his help as well.  He also chose to inform me at the time he didn't consider us broken up and that we were still together. It took him six months of patient perseverance to break down the walls surrounding my heart and mind to get me to understand that he truly loved me.  Now here's the interesting part we talk, text, chat, Facebook, all day everyday since March. I have had a miraculous recovery.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT THROUGH THIS!!!! /As of last doctor's visit there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with me whatsoever now.  My prognosis is perfect health.  Can you say AMEN, I believe in the Power of Prayer!!

Here I sit 4 1/2 years later talking with someone that literally had to beat me over the head for me to accept his love. Originally, I was going to go see him, but he had some disappointing news last week, when he called me I could tell how upset he was and so I had him tell me what happened.  Once I found out and heard the sadness and the defeat in his voice, I invited him out here to see me for a visit to see if he liked the area, and to possibly see if this might be a place that he might be willing to move too.  He accepted and will be here on Sunday, September 2, 2012.  I am definitely stoked and excited about this and yes very happy. I am also scared, I want everything to be perfect.  But I know that nothing ever is.  I am also starting to work tomorrow, because I was bored sitting at home and I wanted to get out and meet new people, plus have a little extra cash. So now do you fully understand where I am at?  A 4 1/2 year old FB relationship turned into a serious monogamous new relationship. We both know how we feel toward each other, this past year of separation has made us realize how much we care and need each other.  We could have easily lost each other because of what happened to him and his near death and then mine...

How do I take these smoldering embers of love, lust and passion and fan them back into the roaring flames of desire, romance and ecstasy, with a sprinkling of fantasy thrown in?  Hence the need for my social experiment!

We have the theorem and hypothesis and we postulate that we can accomplish this in a short time frame, and our efforts are going to go into trying to prove and document that they are correct.  Since the subject isn't arriving till next Sunday I cannot give you the answers.  But, I promise you a full report once the experiment concludes.  Here is how the experiment is going to be conducted.  First, subject has a cursory knowledge only of the experiment.  A closed environment is being arranged, a private place at an extended stay for the duration of the visit and experiment.  External variables are going to be minimized, no outside influences will be allowed to enter the test area.  Only the two participants at the hotel! Working on adapting my work schedule so that excursions and adventures can be conducted around the visit.  A whole sprinkling of romantic surprises , including a dinner with the parental units.  Such romantic experiments include walks along the beach together at sunset, shopping excursions to find outfits for his performance dates..unfortunately he has to perform while he is here. Along with apartment/house hunting excursion, followed up with a trip scheduled to visit Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando.  Maybe even a visit to the old Mouse of the South himself. Since it has been years since I have been there.  There is even a work trip scheduled to Atlanta and a few other surprise I don't want to lay out here because, MR. MAN does read my blog daily.  Though, currently I think he is 4 days behind and has a lot of reading to catch up on.

I promise the results of this experiment will be published detailing what was done at the conclusion of the experiment.  There shall be a little vlogg interview with the subject giving his views on how this turned out and what he thought of said experiment.  Along with that we plan on releasing a podcast as well.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B