Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you know what the difference is between knowledge and wisdom?

You know I wrote about how Plato theorized that knowledge and learning had to be appended by the student, the instructor was to point them in the right direction and that is how knowledge was transferred.  To Plato knowledge was universal, could be gleaned and appended (learned) by experience, thinking and rationalization.  To him philosophical thought would allow a student to tap into thought-forms or the idea of things.

Other philosophers believe in a universal repository of knowledge called the "Akashic Record".  Basically it is a huge database of all knowledge and understanding that can be tapped into via a trance like state, astral projection, or deep guided meditation. In either case I believe both schools of thought are extremely close to the truth.  If you don't believe me let me fill you in on a few thoughts on this of my own.

Science has long held debate over Nature vs. Nurture, the debate stems from innate or born instinctual level traits passed along during birth.  Some scientist contend that there is some knowledge passed from mother to child during the gestation period, or pregnancy. Other scientist's believe that we are taught everything after birth, that the mind of a new born is a clean slate.  This second group believes that an infant, mammal or otherwise, learn through patterns and repetition.  But what about survival instincts, the born knowledge that we must eat to live and other traits.

Coming at this from a Christian viewpoint, or Creationist view if you prefer the term, you need to take into consideration the story of the "Garden of Eden".  It is said that the reason for the expulsion of Adam and Eve was because of disobedience to the only rule God had given them, which was not to eat of the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge".  This is pivotal in my discussion on this topic with you.  Because you see here is where original sin comes from.  Man's disobedience to the command of God.  It also opened man's eyes to all knowledge of good and evil. Hence the hiding from God because of fear, because until that time they had no knowledge of fear.

In that one fateful incident all knowledge was instantly opened up to the mind of man.  The knowledge was absorbed by the human mind, and I believe that it has remained with us today inside of each of us.  It has been passed down through time, just like the burden of original sin.

Science has theorized for years that the average person only uses a tenth of their brain during their lifetime.  I am sure you are aware that these are exceptions to this.  Notably Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Newton, Bobby Fischer, Thomas Edison and countless others.  We call them miracle children or prodigies and every generation produces one or two of them.  If my memory serves me right the Dali Lama is born with the knowledge of his past incarnations, has access to all the understanding and memories of all his previous lives.

It is my belief that each of us has inside of us the knowledge of all things, as was gifted by that one bite of the forbidden fruit.  With this thought in mind, I contend that the philosophers journey is the unlocking of that knowledge within ourselves to reach a higher level of consciousness.  This means that the path of enlightenment, is the journey toward total knowledge and understanding. That the more we are exposed to this knowledge the further along the path we find ourselves toward enlightenment.  But I also believe that with knowledge must come or be tempered with wisdom. See knowledge for the sake of knowledge is one thing but I think if you don't understand how to apply this knowledge to life you can never truly reach full enlightenment.

It is important to understand and comprehend as well as process the knowledge and apply it to your philosophical journey. You can have a person who is truly book smart. Knows everything but lacks street smarts, or the ability to survive in the real world or on the streets, it is the knowledge on how to survive the bumps in the road of life. The inverse is also true you can have someone who is street smart, a hustler so to speak, who can survive anywhere and knows how to handle themselves in any situation life throws at them. But cannot read or write, can't hold a job, etc.

Here is the key to understanding all of this. It is all inside of us. We were born with everything we need to know. We just have to look deep within ourselves and follow our thoughts to their inevitable conclusion. We all have the capacity to learn. We can internalize and reach logical conclusions about everything in this world.  I also contend those of you who have been told you have a learning disorder or some other such nonsense, that the reason you find yourself struggling to comprehend something is because your natural affinity lies in a different direction.

Example of this, both my friend John and I have problems with higher math such as calculus. A couple of years ago John was classified as having a learning disorder that prevented him from excelling at math. I on the other hand struggled through it, eventually grasped it and can still do the math functions today.  Now, I have to admit here I probably couldn't do it from memory now without a refresher and a formula sheet. But, the point I want to make is pretty simple really. Basically it comes down to Left Brain versus Right Brain.  Psychologist have realized that the artistic and the logical are managed by the active side of your brain or the dominant side. If memory serves left brained or left-handed people are more artistically inclined where the right brained or right-handed are more logic and technically oriented.

But, this is our predisposition, the way that we are born, our so called innate tendency, our natural affinity, or in a broader sense our talents.  Now, I am not saying that a right handed person is less talented than a left handed person, what I am saying is that art, music and other artistic endeavors come more easily and naturally to a left brain person.  Whereas, a right brained person can learn and become artistic, they are more inclined to comprehend and understand complex logic and functions. A right brained person must struggle and put effort into their artistic work, which usually shows in their work and makes it so appealing. Conversely, the same is true to a left brained person, art comes easily for them, they struggle through math and sciences. Yet, that is what makes their discoveries so ground breaking.

The point I am trying to make is this, that which we struggle through and give life too is an actual process on the philosophers journey.  Wisdom is gained by the practical application of the knowledge we have and perceive.  Trust me when I tell you after you struggle through something, learn the concepts behind them and finally master it, you will never forget it.  It is the journey, the work, the pressure you put into it that makes it memorable.

So what is knowledge? It is the comprehension and the understanding of a complex thought or information. According to Websters it is "to perceive directly as fact or truth, to believe to be true; to be certain of; to be familiar with or have experience of."  So knowledge boiled down is facts, figures, laws, information pas on as fact.  Whereas, wisdom is the applied usage of knowledge in the appropriate place or time.  Webster's defines wisdom as "the ability to understand what is right, true or enduring; good judgement, knowledge."

Can you see the point I am trying to make? Can you understand and comprehend what I am laying out?  That wisdom and knowledge are milestones and landmarks of the philosophers journey.  They are not mutually exclusive of each other yet they aren't mutually inclusive of each other either.  I believe King Solomon, the wisest man in the world was given the ability by God to have access to all knowledge of the ages and the wisdom to comprehend it all and to apply it to life.  Further, if you are like me and believe that God created us. That He truly breathed the spark of life into us, then you should also believe that the Divine resides or dwells within us.  It is what gives some people premonitions, ESP, do miraculous things.  It also gives us the ability to access the knowledge that was granted in that one act of disobedience the "Knowledge of Good and Evil".  That everything and anything is possible and that it is all within us. It is a gift as much as a curse, it can be used to benefit all of mankind or can be used to subjugate and destroy like Hitler tried to do.

I encourage you to take the spiritual and philosophical journey with me.  To pray and meditate on all things.  Because the knowledge and wisdom is within us, reachable and usable.  Wrap the knowledge you have with wisdom, explore all thins, remember what Mr. Webster said, "Wisdom is the ability to understand what is right, true or enduring." Learn all you can and use good judgement.

The road of life is filled with many mysteries, we have the ability to solve them, understand them, comprehend them and use them to better ourselves and society as a whole.

As always y hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B

Thank you for helping me realize my dream. I published entries 100 and 101 today.  It is all because of your encouragement and support.  God bless you and keep you safe.  I hope you will continue to read.

Thanks a million!
Bryan :-)