Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here I am

Knock knock
Do you hear me?
I am knocking on your hearts door
You have changed the locks
I can't get in...
Knock knock
Only you can open the door again.
The man before you is incomplete
You are my confidence in the face of fear
You are the strength I lack
You are my memory
The best of me is you
I lost you due to foolish pride
Now I am lost without you by my side
I miss you with all my being
You are my reason for being
Please forgive me and come back
I love you

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Setbacks for the positive and negative can keep you from moving forward

It's amazing no matter what I go through on a day to day basis people never cease to amaze me. It just goes to show that no matter how well you think you know somebody, the truth is you will never actually know the real them unless they want you to.  Each of us fears something,  each of us are insecure about other things. Life has become a huge game of hide-n-go-seek, we have found it easier to hide our fears and insecurities behind a facade or an ever evolving mask.

We in expertly build walls to keep others from discovering our fears and weaknesses. But it can be those very same walls that trap us and make us prey to our emotions. Have you never thought about how the person you know isn't quite the same one that you originally met? It becomes evident the longer that you are around and they become more comfortable around you, the more their mask will shift.

So with that in mind as we move forward, that we don't over compensate or inflate the very thing that we are trying to hide from ourselves and other's.  Yes, my friend it is sad but true the masks we wear and personas that we painstakingly and elaborately create, tend to hide from ourselves as well as others. If you want to be accepted at face value then you have a lot of inward looking and soul searching to do.

To a certain extent these masks that extend in to wall creates a pattern of behaviour and once you can recognize a pattern the easier it is to understand the underlying fear or anxiety that has caused it.  The hard part of this is honesty to oneself. I would caution you here, do not think that this is a light matter, many of us have spent years building up our defenses and our walls to protect ourselves from constant pain or crippling fear. But, if life isn't full of challenges and hard won victories I don't think the change would be lasting.

You maybe wondering by this point what does all of this have to do with setbacks?  Here it goes our lives are based on patterns and in oder for us to change the pattern we have to understand what caused it to begin with.  The setbacks we experience are nothing more than the results of the choices and decisions we have made. Further any behaviour or pattern that can be learned can therefore also be unlearned. All that really matters is that you face your fears and anxieties  on your terms and when you choose.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B