Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 It's a brand new start

I have been struggling for days trying to figure out how to explain what it is that I want to tell you about this new year.  It s important to put away old things and move forward into the new year. You have been given a new start a fresh beginning,  a clean slate if you will.  This new year is full of potential,  change is coming to all of us.

Some of these changes are going to be wide sweeping and can alter your entire being and lifestyle.  New jobs, opportunity to help others and to fulfil many desires you had for a long time. Subtle energies are at work in your life now that require adherence to their flow. If you want the big changes to occur you have to go through many minor changes before they can actually experience the really big ones.

It maybe asked of you to move on and leave some of the people you know behind.  Which is what I meant about putting old things away.  We have entered a new age. We have entered the age of Aquarius, which means a time of transition and improvement. As you meditate upon your past and are struggling with your immediate present you have to ensure that the past isn't holding you back.

It is impossible to move forward and make progress when you are constantly looking over your shoulder and holding on to the past.  Religion is constantly telling us that we need to live every day one day at a time. Faith is needed for our deepest desires to come true. But here is the truth behind all of that. God provides us with all of our needs and tells us that He will continue to help those that help themselves. To me that means you can't sit around and wait for things to come to you. You have to put in effort and work.  Stuff isn't just going to fall into your lap.

As the year unfolds before you keep an open mind and faithful in your prayers. Keep ever in your mind that change is coming for you and your whole situation is going to change. This new found momentum  will carry through the entire year as long as you continually give thanks.  The last thing that I want to leave you with is this. As good things come to you be sure to do things and help others. As long as you do your forward journey will continued unhindered and you will have a feeling of fulfillment and contentment.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Free will vs fate

How can these two things co-exist and still allow us to function and fully achieve goals that we make in our lives.  How do these two diverse and diametrically unseen forces hold say over our path in our daily journey.  Life is constantly putting decisions in our path and this is where the forces come into play.

It is true that we have the freedom to make the choices and cause our journey to branch and keeps our journey interesting helps propel us toward our goals. However,  fate sometimes has to gives a nudge or push in the right direction.  No matter what choices you make fate makes sure that we end up in the proper place at precisely the right time.

You can make all right choices in your life and yet end up at precisely the same place  no matter what you may have decided.  For every decision that you make there are other unseen forces that come into play that  reinforce fates designs. They are known as physical laws or laws of nature.  The law of cause and effect and the law of retribution.

If you honestly think about it there is a truth and consequence for every decision that we make. These are the foundations to the lessons that we are to learn.  Remember that it is the journey that maketh the man.  Humans learn through experiencing pain and only pain. We might make discoveries or understand a problem which increase our knowledge, but pain is always associated with learning process somewhere along the line.

What makes this bearable for me is the knowledge and understanding that nothing lasts forever. Along with the certain knowledge that each obstacle, trap and pitfall has been placed in my path to make me stronger and able to face whatever fate or life has to throw at me.  Trust me when all of us look back over our path none of us are ever satisfied with where we find ourselves.  No one says that it is going to be fun or easy it is however it is necessary.

I know that you all have heard me say that we all have work to do and a purpose that we need to fulfill before our time on this world ends. This is where fate takes a hand in our lives and guides us ever onwards toward our journeys end. Destiny and fate are often confused as being the same thing but they aren't destiny is only one of many possible outcomes based directly on the decision we make. Whereas fate is the force that pushes her forward and helps us deal with the of  consequences our decisions.

I believe that destinies can be altered and even change by te works and decisions we make. Fate is a constant guiding force that helps us to not dwell for too long on our issues and takes us to the exact place we need to be at just the appropriate time.   We live in the physical world and therefore are subject to the natural laws.  I am going to talk further about the laws and worlds that impact us and how we can use them to go further and learn more about what surrounds us.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twas the night before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and just another plain old night. Sleepless and restless I was up all night.  The weather was warm and balmy, listen can't you hear the oceans roar.  It has been a long time since this holiday was fun for me.  My stormy past has been fraught with pain and disappointment.  Since my aunt died all the bad and painful memories seemed to occur between October and February that happen in my life.

It is true, in the late 80's my aunt and grandmother both passed away between Thanksgiving and New Years. My grandfather passed away around New Years in 2000, then just 4 years later I was to end up facing the biggest changes and challenges of my life.

My life took a dramatic turn of events January 27, 2005 when I went in for an exploratory surgery and emerged from the operating room with a colostomy.  From that day forward, I faced each day with pain and trepidation. Always afraid that I wouldn't fit in, that I would be shunned and never find anyone else to love me.  By this time my relationship was ending and I didn't think that anyone would want to be with me with these dramatic changes to my body. I didn't know then that my life was never going to be the same again.

So when you look back you can see why the Christmas season holds no appeal for me.  Make this holiday season a time for love and understanding.  Enjoy the life you have been given,  think about those who are in your life and what they mean to you. The spirit of Christmas is of love, joy and acceptance.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,
Uncle B

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Magic of cinema can still move me

I am 47 years old and find that still today a good story can bring tears to my eyes. I love Hallmark and Lifetime movies, not because I think life works like it is depicted in these films. No, I think these films bring joy, hope and laughter into this world with a purity and wholeness that might be lacking in our lives.

I get teased when others see the tears that roll down my cheeks as i get pulled into these movies.  These movies provide me with an escape from my humdrum reality and pull me into a magical world where all problems can be resolved in 2 hours or less. Where the love of a lifetime can be found and everyone lives happily ever after.  But what is the overall appeal of these movies?

I know that the reason why I love these movies is because they take my mind totally out of whatever I have going on and submerge me into a world with endless possibilities. These feel good movies can for 2 hours at a time relieve boredom and the grit of everyday living. They also instill for a moment a brief feeling of hope and fulfillment that is often lacking in our day.

Any movie can tell a  story or provide entertainment,  few manage to do this well.  There are so many genre of stories and many different ways that they can be interpreted. It is the job of the screen writer to capture the essence of a  book, novel or story. Then it is up to the director to breathe life into the screenplay.  When done well the audience is transported into it, they feel like they can relate to one or more of the characters.  The trappings of their ordinary day become transparent and for the time being they can live vicariously through them.

Studios like Disney, Hallmark and Lifetime seem to be able bring wholesome, feel good movies over and over again with resounding success.  Walt Disney pioneered the wholesome family film which laid the foundation and ground work  for all Hallmark and Lifetime. I believe that Walt Disney was a trailblazer and visionary that set a very high bar for those that followed in his wake. At the Walt Disney company they call this the "Disney Magic" or the "Magic of Disney", every new employee to the company has to go through a two week orientation called "Traditions". This training stresses the values and expectations that Walt himself had for everyone who worked for or with him.

Wholesomeness and purity are keywords that come to mind when you think of a Disney movie. Deep characters that seem to be able to achieve or overcome anything thrown at them and always end up happy. There is a formula that these movies all strive to achieve, a deep conflict that needs a resolution.  Inside the plot of these movies is a hidden hook and it reels/reals you into the drama that is unfolding before you. In a way you are made to care about these characters and the issue or problem they are going through resonates with you and your life.  Once that hook is set guaranteed it is going to elicit an emotional reaction out of you, and for that brief moment in time you are transported from the mundane to the magical.

It just sort of sucks that it had to end. Your mind knows that what you see is fake but your heart feels like it's all real. That is the power these types of movies have in our lives. We all need to escape reality once in awhile and what better place is there to do that  than the movies.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Eyes of a stranger

I walk down a narrow path,
I hold my head up high
So I can See all of you pass by
Steep is my narrow path.

Fraught with pitfalls and traps
You never know who or what you will cross.
Maybe its for the best perhaps
It is in the eye of a stranger that show you their dread and loss!

In the eye of the stranger you see lost hope,
You don't know where your voice might lead,
Fear and loss is their watchword and deed.
Sometimes it feels like I am at the End of my rope.

Abandon fear, gather hope hold on strong
Look deep within yourself
Every issue, problem and trouble will move swiftly along.
Everything has an expiration date that sits on the shelf.

It is in the eyes of a stranger that you see yourself reflected

As always my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B