Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying to make sense a senseless tragedy

As the aftermath of the senseless shooting in Colorado settles down the media and the rest of us reel trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy.  We look for answers to the question, "What could have motivated and educated and smart, young man to do such a thing?"  I don't think we are ever going to figure out fully what motivated him or even drove this person do this.  I am not sure even he knows, one station said that James Holmes claimed he was the Joker when he was being arrested.

It is hard to imagine an honor's med student, opening up fire in a movie theater and killing 12 people that he didn't know, had no connection with, and then warning police that he had booby trapped his apartment and rigged it to explode when entered.  But, this is what we have a real life villain, who died his hair red to match that of the animated and on-screen villain, Joker.

I have even had texts from friends claiming that the movie franchise is cursed, that only death and tragedy follow the series.  If that is true thank goodness that this was the third and final installment of this particular dark franchise.  Now, the assertion that this franchise is cursed is based on coincidence and I honestly don't think has anything to do with the film at all.  The first was Katie Holmes marriage to Tom Cruise ended and she was in the First movie, Heath Ledger who portrayed the Joker in the second movie died of a drug over dose and the third movie twelve unsuspecting people died going to see the movie.  These and other rumors and stories are going around the world and the internet today.

It is our societies need to understand and wrap their heads around tragedies like this, our driving need to understand and comprehend why such actions were committed and how we can rationalize and justify all the deaths and murder that have occurred.  I honestly don't think that we will ever come to understand the motivations of actions like these.  They are violent, senseless, and doesn't seem to be any rationale behind the actions at all.  All the questioning of the motives, and asking James Holmes himself, direct and pointed questions are not going to reveal any real information.  As I said earlier, I don't believe he even knows or even understands what he has done, let alone will be able to explain his intentions or reasons behind this act.  I believe that his mind is trapped somewhere between reality and fantasy, and that he couldn't distinguish his acts from those on the screen.  He believed himself to be the villain Joker personified or come to life.

This tragedy could have escalated even further had the police raided his apartment and set off the traps that he had rigged for them.  According to the report I read on ABC.Com there was enough explosives in his booby trapped apartment that would have destroyed the building he lived in and severely damaged the other buildings that surround his.  More students and faculty at the University would have been killed and hurt, had he not warned the police that his apartment was rigged to explode.  Again, I don't know what could have motivated his actions, I don't understand the mind that can rationalize and discard life so easily.

I think it is hard for the rest of us to understand and comprehend his motivations as well. Though we will take the next several days and even weeks trying to sort through this mess, and make sense of the senseless.  We may never know the real truth behind this.  What was going on in his mind as he committed these acts will forever remain a mystery.  Even if he does talk how can we believe and accept what he is saying?  There is no sense in the taking a life.  There is no rationalization that can justify the behavior that was exhibited, and I don't think any for of punishment will be swift or just enough to handle a crime of this magnitude.

In my mind, this was an act of terrorism, pure and simple evil, unleashing it's deadly and frightening hatred on mankind.  It was committed by a hapless, possibly lonely individual, not by a group, or religious faction, it was committed by a smart, educated young man, who quite possibly didn't feel like he fit in anywhere.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims that lost their lives, my prayers are with those injured and in the hospital.  I also pray to the Lord for understanding in this matter, and that peace and closure can be granted those that are hurt and grieving because of this.  I wish there was some way to understand and make sense of tragedy's like this when they occur, but I don't honestly think that their is ever going to be an true understanding, we might eventually discover the motivations, and infer the rationale used to commit these crimes, and we might even one day piece together a profile for James Holmes like have been done for other serial killers and murders, but I think the true answer lies locked deep within the brain of James Holmes and will never truly be all revealed.

There is no real way for all of America to make sense of this senseless tragedy that took place in Aurora Colorado.  Please remember no matter how hard you try to understand why this happened and what could have been done to prevent it...the answer is NOTHING.  No one could have known and all that can be done is now being done.  I am sorry to say!

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B