Monday, July 2, 2012

Frienemies you know who you are:

I wrote this thinking about a friend and realized that I have some of these too.  So here is my farewell to you.  Because I am right and I need to move on.  Lend me an ear and I will show you what they are, be careful they are near you and you may not yet be aware.


They smile and are kind to your face claiming they are your friend till the end.
Only worried about their own ambitions and greed.
Who hold you back and struggle to keep you from rounding the next bend.
Acting like they have your back and your need
always saying they are acting in your steed.
All the while plotting and scheming for their own desires.
Sabotage and subterfuge are not their only abuse.
What plain and skillful are these incredible liars.
Trickery and artifice they use to beguile their only excuse.
Can't you see they are only out to get you?
Oh how I wish you could see how different is their view.
Holding you back
Always ready to attack
Cut them from your life
And end their bitter strife.
Then you will see how different things can be
How change will come to you and set you free.
They cannot defeat you
because you have a cause
Your views are just and will give them pause.
Because a warrior are you
their lies and games will soon be seen by those around you.
Because nothing can stop stand in the light of what is the truth,
without them having the burden of proof.
You have failed you see.
You cannot stop me.
Hold me down or defeat me.
My words are clear and true,
and your actions will unmask you.
Goodbye my so called friend
your reign of lies and doubt are at an end.
I have won can't you see,
you have nothing more to hold over me.
I am strong and healthy
and now I am free
from your hate and envy.
You have lost and cannot hold me down,
for you I won't let my soul be bound.
So long Frienemy you couldn't kill me
for that you are no longer alive to me.
I forgive you and want only the best for you.

Good-bye find someone else to try
because I am done and you are through
It is for the best I say good-bye to you!

As always my hope and dreams are with you.

Uncle B