Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do you know you are truly blessed? We all are...

Today has been a good day, and I have had a lot of time to think and write, which is a good thing and something that I really enjoy.  In my last post I was talking about immortality and how I think we should take the time and live in the moment and treat every day like is our last one.  But it got me thinking on how is it that I find it so easy to live day to day.  The answer is quite simple really, as I was  pondering this it dawned on me that in almost every single blog, I tell you to slow down, take time to enjoy life, that life is short, and that we need to live one day at a time, but I have never told you how I do.  It really isn't a secret, and something that honestly should be shared with you.

As most of you know I have been diagnosed with several terminal illnesses, and I had come home to Florida to basically die. Well, surprisingly enough things are changing and happening with my health that frankly have me extremely excited.  However, before I go into all of that, I need to get you on track with daily living and how to overcome those pesky bouts of depression, those lingering doubts, and inherent fears that we each face in our daily lives.  It isn't easy at first, and like I have told you it over and over again it is a matter of perception.  By perception, I mean the way in which you view the world and the circumstances that you find yourself in. I always try to keep in mind that I am human and I make mistakes, and that each day is a brand new day with no mistakes in it.  This means that I can start all over again tomorrow, and screw it up too because I have the day after.  Not that I intentionally plan on screwing up each day.  But it is a comforting thought to me knowing that when tomorrow comes I have a chance to start over fresh and do it the right way for a change.  I have also mentioned over and over again how people keep telling me how strong a person I am, how positive my outlook is and they don't understand why I am not mired down in depression and crying.  Again the answer is simple and when I tell you finally you are going to say " I should have thought of that myself".

In my life, I do sometimes give in to depression and bouts of wondering if I am doing the right thing, but you know what it is always very short lived. Because here is the thing, I cannot change what has happened, nor would I want to I think.  I have learned and met a great deal of people that mean a lot too me because of what I am going through.  I also like being able to talk to people about what is happening with me and explaining to them how they can overcome and withstand what they are going through.  I don't necessarily like when people look at me for inspiration, because guess what, I am human and as I have already admitted I make mistakes.  Plus, I have learned from experience that something that may be right for one person might not be the right thing for someone else.  So living as an example isn't always what it is cracked up to be.

But, back to the point, which is how to live day to day, with a positive outlook and hope for a bright and shining tomorrow.  My answer to this is a question "Do you know you are truly Blessed?" if you honestly do, then this is going to be a no-brainer for you and so easy to achieve.  Here is my secret, I wake up every morning and I count my blessings one by one.  I give thanks for those blessing and when I am done I am ready to face anything the day has to throw at me.  Because I can see each day when I open my eyes, how blessed I am, I know that I have been given another day of life, my aches are less this morning then the were the night before, and the list goes on.  Do you begin to see how this can make you feel so good, how you are receiving the positive energy of those blessings and you are thankful and joyful that you have been granted them.  How can the day look bad when you start it off like that. Trust me when you actually start looking for your blessing and start counting them you are going to see what I mean. There are hundreds maybe thousands of them that you have been given over your lifetime.  Count them, remember them, be thankful for them, and trust me nothing will compare to it.

I know you have heard the saying "look for the silver lining in all things" that is a very motivational thing to do, it is telling you to look for the good in everything that happens too you.  When you do that take the time to look for the blessing that is hidden there too because there always is one.  When you can see the blessing and the silver lining you will no longer see the negative side of things, your perception will be altered and all you will see is the positive that is coming your way.  Plus if you read any of my earlier writings you will find that positive energy attracts more positive energy in your life and before you know it there can be no negative around you.  Pretty easy huh?  I told you it would be and it is so straight forward.  You honestly have nothing to loose if you try it out and so much to gain by doing it.

All I want you to know is that if you live your life one day at a time, and live each moment like it is your last one. You are going to see that there is less stress, and problems aren't as impossible as they once seemed to be and your attitude and outlook is all going to change for the better.  Living a positive life and having positive energy is just the process of counting your blessing and being thankful for them.  Really that is all there is too it.

Nothing holds me down for long because I know how far I have come, what I have been through, and I see that tomorrow is going to be bright and shiny with hope, love, joy, laughter, compassion, friendship and so much more.  All because I see how I have been blessed.  I see what I have been brought through, and I know I am thankful for the Divine love and mercy that has been granted me.

Remember my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B