Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween, My Favorite Time of Year

The autumn nights are cooler and there is usually a nice breeze to accompany the All Hallow's Eve parties, loud music and kids going door to door trick-or-treating.  Tonight I am looking out my window at the world passing me by and wondering what am I doing here.  See, usually on Halloween I am with my best friend Jason it is his birthday.  Back in Atlanta there are tons of parties to go to and of course I know everybody.  To be honest this is the first Halloween in years that I haven't dressed up and done something cool with my friend.  I have several other friends that have their birthday on this very night, it has been a long time since I got to spend the holiday with them.  But I will never forget how I met James and his brother Jason that are born on October 31st. I had gone to Dallas to hang with another best friend that lived with me in Florida.  We all got dressed up and went to this huge party and I had a blast. I fell in love with Dallas that very night and have been back a few times since then.  The great thing is that after all these years I have still kept in touch with James and Jason a great pair of guys, totally opposites for twins, but really cool to hang out with.  I also have another friend named Tony that lives in Atlanta and today is also his birthday.  So I guess tonight you could say that I am feeling rather homesick and that I wish I was there with my friends to celebrate and have a good time.

Tonight it is cool here on Daytona Beach but there is a full moon that I am watching as I type this.  I am wondering what all of my friends are up too.  I wonder if they know how much I miss each one of them, and how I am thinking about them on this very night.  How I am hoping and praying that whatever they are doing that they are safe and having a great time.  But I also have another wish for all of my friends that I mentioned above, I hope they all find and hold on to the love that is looking desperately to find them, and that their whole year is blessed with Joy and Laughter.  Life is too short for all the stress and angst the world wants to through at us.  It helps to swallow the bitter with a bit of humor if you ask me.  But my wish is also that they find success in their endeavors and fortune in love and be surrounded by friends and loved ones that are supportive of their choices and opinions.  Each of us needs to have a network to fall back on, and we need that group to be unconditional in the support of our endeavors, our goals and will be willing to help us reach our dreams.

Halloween is symbolic of many things.  They say that the veil between the world's thin and that it is a night that the dead can come back to life, or commune with the living. But it also the end of a season and heralds a time of renewing and rebirth.  See it is the autumn that is the time when life has shut down and it goes dormant for a period, regains strength and purpose, so that when spring returns it can burst forth with fresh growth and new life.  It is a time of renewal and regeneration. To let go of the past and move forward.  Of course it is also a night that kids around the world get to go out in costume and get candy. But it is time for winding down in the world.  Even in Corporate and State business it is a time of winding down. Budgets are coming to a close and executives are diligently trying to get the new years budgets done and submitted for approval.  It is also the coming of the holidays, for the next several months there are many holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  So even the mighty corporations and conglomerates are showing signs of slowing down.  Funny how we humans mimic the cycles of nature and follow the rest and hibernating cycles of the earth.

But the reason why it is my favorite holiday and time of year is because it is a juxtaposition, summer has begun to leave us, and autumn hasn't fully gotten it's hold on the world yet, the leaves are exploding in vibrant colors and are still on the trees, and the colder temperatures haven't exactly crept upon us and robbed us of the warmth.  The days are still warm and the nights cool, and it is a time of festivity and revelry.  It is time when we can get out and dress up and be something that we normally aren't.  It is a time when we can actually be 100 percent honest to the true self that resides in each of us. With our masks on and costumes we can cut up and be the carefree spirits we were meant to be.  Instead of the dull suits that work in the office Monday thru Friday, or the school teach stuck in a classroom 9 hours a day, or the bus driver that doesn't say a word unless spoken too or incident occurs.  It is a time when we can reach out an explore the side of ourselves that we keep repressed and hidden from the world to see.  It is also a time of celebration and gathering with friends to have parties and spend some time with others.

So what are you doing this very Halloween Night?  I know that I am sitting here writing to you, because unfortunately as I stated above, I am home sick, lonely and on top of that I am really not feeling all that well.  But my well wishes go out to my friends and the ones I love whose very special day it is and who I am unable to spend my time with.  I hope that they are all safe and having a great night.  I do know that at least one of them is at home celebrating alone...So from my heart to yours..enjoy that glass of wine and know that I was thinking about you and sending you my warmest wishes and best hopes.

I love everyone of you guys...I love you my readers and friends and I hope that you begin to enjoy Halloween like I have for the past 20 years.  Get out there and experience life.  Because the cycle of hibernation and rest is about to befall is the last fun time you have before the drudgery of the holidays and endless lines of bickering people in the stores.  Take the time now, because you aren't going to get it later.

Happy Halloween to All!  Happy Birthday James, Jason, Jason (Sa'corey), and Tony!  Have a great night and a glorious rest of the week and a most Excellent year!

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B