Sunday, October 7, 2012

Technology today has brought us closer together more than ever!

With the current technology that is in the world today the barriers of culture and nationality have been broken down. It is easier today to get in touch with each other via online mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, and other online dating sites and applications.  Everyday more and more people make connections online and start friends and relationships.  Traditional venues of meeting people are starting to take a backseat. Once people went out to bars, restaurants and other types of places to meet others.  There is an important part of the human condition that I think is suffering because there are less and less human contact and interaction.  Online relationships are becoming more prevalent in our society.

One thing that many of us fall prey too is the fact that humans have a predilection for creating image of others in their minds.  I know that I am guilty of doing this.  I take a look at a persons profile on Facebook or some dating sites and then I look at their pictures, I read their posts and I develop a mental image of them in my mind.  The problem with that is that when we finally meet them that image is usually shattered.  Sometimes we jump too quickly to conclusions, we make assumptions and sometimes we are wrong.  It is my hope that by writing this blog entry I draw some attention to our shortcomings. I want to help us all to steer clear of the misconceptions and mental images that we create of others.  Don't be too quick to judge those that you meet online because your perception of them may not even be a true reflection of who they genuinely are.

Each of us has a tendency to judge ourselves and those around us.  We create the images of others from our own filters and experiences. Our judgements are often wrong about our online encounters and the we have a tendency to dismiss others from our lives because of those notions.  When we finally meet them our images of them are usually shattered, we have to correct those misconceptions and we have to actually get to know the real person we have finally met.  Use technology wisely and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  Keep in mind that the posts that are written and the profiles that are created are the image that others want us to see and know, it doesn't mean that they are true reflections of the person that created them.  You have to keep in mind that each of us has a public persona or mask that we wear when we meet others in person, the same is true when we create an online identity.  We create the ideal image of ourselves that we want others to see.  Rarely do we live up to those images.

I often point out that if it seems too good to be true it is. If it is too easy, it isn't worth it, and I don't honestly believe we appreciate it.  Because when we work hard and have to struggle to get what we want we seem to appreciate it more because we find more value in it.  Keep that in mind when you come across an online profile that appeals to you. Communication is the key in all types of relationships, including online ones. See I believe that the longer you talk to someone online and in person their true self comes out over time.  We learn the more you talk to each other and we grow.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B