Friday, May 11, 2012

What is Creative Visualization and how can it help you?

I am about to embark on a series of posts that should be helpful and enlightening and if you have faith and an open mind will help you in achieving your goals, desires. Allowing you to receive blessings and start you on a greater spiritual path toward knowing and understanding God, Nature, the human body, meditation and prayer, as well as different planes or levels of existence. So lend me an ear, open your mind and enjoy the read.

This first entry is a very simplistic overview of Creative Visualization, each entry after this will build upon this first one and by the end you should have a firm understanding of Visualization, meditation, grounding, manifesting and all the parts in between. As always your feedback and comments are appreciated and solicited.  Feel free to ask any questions and remember I am here for you.  I can be reached directly through the blog page, or via email at or on Facebook

Let us get started with the overview.  Salt-n-Pepa sang a song called the "I Am the Body Beautiful" which was featured in the movie "To Wong Fu - Thanks for everything Julie Newmar", this song is where we are going to start our series.  They sang "whatever the mind can conceive and believe you will achieve" and it is absolutely true.

You may be wondering how this can be manifested in your own daily life, which is where our entry here will attempt to explain and as we go forward teach you how to make it an automatic and a constant experience that will enrich and enhance your life. I need to explain that the human body has 3 distinct aspects that act and operate on different levels of consciousness.

                                 1. The Mind
                                 2. The Body
                                 3. The Soul

Together these components make up the Spiritual Body. Each part of the spiritual body then acts on different levels or planes of existence.  These planes of existence are:

                                1.  The Etheric or Astral Plane ( also known as the Divine or Holy Plane)
                                2.   The Physical Plane
                                3.   The Elemental Plane

Let me digress here for a minute to give you a little brief overview of these planes and attempt to explain how they work.  First I want to talk about the etheric plane or astral plane, it is also known as the place of dreams the ethereal realm, and in metaphysical terms the place where Heaven and the Angels reside.  It is also the plane of existence that our unconscious mind travels when we are deep in sleep or when in a meditative state.  The physical plane is what we know and count as reality.  This plane is governed by the physical laws of nature and science and of course life.  This is also the plane where creative visualization manifests its results. (More on that later in the series)  The elemental plane is the plane where the elements reside, it is also where the life energy resides that flows.  This energy actually transcends all planes and if found in every living thing on Earth.  It is commonly referred to as the "Godhead" or "Spark of Life", and it is where the energy of the Divine instills in us the gift of life and provides the power for our bodies.  It is also the enduring force that Albert Einstein describes in his theory of Relativity.  The theory states energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be manipulated, converted and changed and is represented by the formula E=MC Squared.

As we get further in the series more information will be discussed in greater detail and explain different aspects of them and how they correlate to the 3 different aspects of the spiritual body.  But for right now I want to delve into the tenant of  "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve." Is true and how you can accomplish some amazing things in your daily life. There are some factors that need to be reached before you can achieve your hearts desire.

In order to achieving or manifesting a desire or reach a goal, a few things must first take place.  Probably first and foremost is that the union of the aspects of the spiritual body must be aligned, balanced and in harmony with each other. This is a critical understanding point in order to achieve and receive the end result or desired outcome of any situation the mind, body and spirit must be in total harmony and balance. When I talk about alignment and harmony I am speaking that these aspects must work together and be perfectly blended or united.

But how do you harmonize or align your mind? This is where we are going to start because I think this may possibly be the hardest aspect to align and focus.  Now when I use the words align and focus, what am I actually talking about?  The idea is this we need to free our minds of any and all distractions and we must remove all doubt, any emotions need to be focused and grounded (grounding is a technique for eliminating negative energy and focusing of our will and thoughts, more will be discussed in the next entry about grounding).  When we are grounded and focused our minds are free from doubt, distraction, positively energized, and focused toward a single purpose.  At this point all I am wanting you to understand is that when your mind is focused to a singularity of purpose it can align with the body your desire or goal or dream is imprinted or planted on the astral or ethreal plane, because this is where the mind operates and influences.

The Body which dwells and operates on the physical plane and reality harmonizes with the mind and aligns through strong emotion or desire which strengthens the imprint  and starts the manifestation process.  Which incorporating the Spirit through mediation and focus provides the rest of the power needed to manifest your desire or goal from the etheric plane to the physical plane thus bring about the desired end goal or achievement.   Remember that this is a very simplistic overview of the process.

I do want to take another moment here now that I am at the end of the overview to state that different cultures and beliefs reach unity or harmony in many different ways, spiritualists use grounding and mediation, christian's use singing and prayer, where Buddists and Hindu's utilize chanting and prayer with the lighting of incense to direct their inner focus.  However, the end result is the same turning and inner concept, idea, desire, vision or goal and bringing from within to without by manifestation and visualization...all of which is accomplished by the total aligning of the 3 aspects of the spiritual body: The Mind, Body and Soul.  Reaching a state of singularity of purpose and total harmony, fueled by desire or strong emotion and infused and powered by divine energy that comes from the spirit.  Always remember that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve! Further when you set your mind to something you will get it.  Even the Bible states that "whatsoever you ask shall be given unto you".  However, I must caution you at this point that another adage also holds true "Be careful what you wish for you just might get it."

Be safe and like I told you earlier write to me let me know what you think and if this has helped you in any way.   If nothing else maybe my own personal quote will help some of you "Anything is possible in this world, if we only strive for perfection one day at a time."  Do me a favor and take sometime to smell the roses, appreciate nature and those around you.  And as we get even closer to Mother's Day please take time to acknowledge your mother or another special woman in your life and tell them how much you appreciate them and love them.

All my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B