Thursday, May 17, 2012

How do you get past the pain of someone's death?

It is never easy when someone you know or someone who inspired you passes away.  The loss is so keen and fresh in your mind.  You grieve for the loss of that life and you despair because their light and love is no longer in the world. But how do we get past their loss? The sorrow it has brought us?  How do we make their accomplishments and inspiration lives on?

I call it a celebration of life! You remember them fondly, their kindness, compassion, their smile, the warmth of their eyes. the love in their heart.  You remember all the good times you shared together and rejoice in their life.  Thank the heavens that you were blessed with such a friend who filled your life with such inspiration, love and compassion.

I am writing this because two people have died recently that believed in me and inspired me either directly or indirectly.  The first was a friend of my mother's that confided in her that the ideas and passions I have are something that our world needs and that I must be encouraged and help to keep those dreams and ideals alive.

The second person was Donna Summers who taught me it was okay to be gay and different.  She once said to me that no matter what the world thinks or treats you, never change because you are perfect they way you are .  God made you and He doesn't make mistakes.  Those words have stayed with me for 15 years , and have inspired me to be myself, to let my spirit shine, to not be afraid and not to hide my smiling face.  She helped me to understand who I was and who I could be.  I was luckier than most of you I got to know her, some of you only know her through her music and the words of her songs.  Never, knowing how wonderful she was and how much she loved and supported the gay community.

We were all truly blessed because she was in the world.  She will be greatly missed and joyfully remembered.  It is because of these two people I can say here I am world: take me or leave me, I am who I am, accept me or not, it is what it is, I am here to stay and I will leave my mark on this world. So get over it and move on.

Thank you both for encouraging me to be me and to remain true. I will miss you both and I have been blessed by knowing you!  Again thank you! Dear Father in Heaven thank you for allowing these two dear people to come into my life .  Without them I wouldn't be where you would have me be or become3 the person I am today.  Let me be the inspiration for just one person, use me to plant the seed of love.  Others may have to water it and tend to it once you call me home, but thank you for working me through me and with me to make the world a better place.  Amen!

All my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B