Thursday, May 24, 2012

The elusive "Why"?

Spoiler alert:  This blog entry is of Religious Nature and content and if you don't believe the same way I do, I understand...Please keep an open mind and continue to read to the end.  Please keep an open mind and maybe you will understand what I am trying to talk to you about.

Most of us walk around questioning "Why am I here?", "Why am I going through this?", "Why does God allow me to suffer?", Why, why, why?"  This is the reason why! Each person is called for a purpose, we might not remember what it is, or what we are meant to do.  Yet, the fact remains that we are here for a reason and our passage through life either enriches it or changes it in some way, shape or form.

It is my contention that before we enter this world we have lived prior to our birth. I believe that we have communed with the Father, or whomever you believe as your deity, we are truly divine.I believe that as creatures of energy that are infused with a carbon host that we must have existed somewhere as something before we are born on to the earth.

The evidence is pretty compelling for this theory.  You see Albert Einstein told us in his theory of relativity that energy is created and once created it cannot be destroyed, it can be manipulated, changed and converted but continues to exist.  Now, if this is true it stands to reason that the electrical currents that flow through us and energize this body I inhabit had to come from somewhere. It dwelt somewhere and when this body dies the energy must continue to exist, so it moves on.  Are you with me so far?

Thus knowing this casts a whole new light on the subject of "Why?" How do I get to that? You are wondering so let me explain, God is divine and the divine created all things, and since created all things he knows everything and has planned accordingly.  From the beginning of time to the end, there has been a plan and in that plan are all of us.  Our soul, the divine energy that is us was there at the beginning and we shall be there at the end.

Because of human pride and arrogance the perfect was corrupted and death came into the world.  Now, lets not get caught up on the "Who to blame" game, we all know the result, the church calls it original sin.  But God in His infinite wisdom knew this and had a plan and that plan was Christ, and in order to ensure He was born into the world God used mankind.  Let me explain a bit further, Each of our spirit souls agreed to the plan and chose a spot and formed a sacred contract, this is the work we agreed to do on earth, which is why we live a specific amount of time, it is just enough to complete the agreed upon task.  You say that Christ already came and did His work, so "Why am I here?"

The answer is so simple, it's because He is coming again.  This time for a different purpose.  But, He is coming again and we each have a role to play.  You may say why don't I remember making this agreement? Why don't I remember being with God? Why can't I remember the job I agreed too?  Again the answer is simple.  In order for the Divine to become corporeal or alive, to live on the physical plane we must be born through pain, blood and water.  We enter this world through the breaking of water, in a rush of blood, through the heat of pain and then we take our first breath. The Divine is pure and cannot look upon sin, so the process of birth is traumatic and our memory of the divine is lost over time.  An infant is pure and if it dies, within the first five years is openly received openly back into heaven.

The reason for that is because the human body is frail and fragile, yet it grows stronger and more resilient with age.  The mind they say is a blank slate eager to learn. Yet, I disagree, the mind is divine and as we age the divine is forced out by the knowledge learned and experiences we endure.  This is why children can see spirits, believe in magic and to them time passes differently, because part of the divine still dwells with in them. Cognitive thought and rational thinking hasn't completely forced out the divine yet.It is around the age of five to seven when we loose our connection and don't remember the divine contact.  Thus begins our journey and our training in the crucible of life.  It is here through living that we learn and become prepared for our calling, where God can only guide our path indirectly because until we reach a certain point because we are separated by the barrier of sin.

Before the first coming of Christ, God only spoke to the people through the high priest's.  The mark of sin placed upon Adam and Eve rendered direct communication between God and man impossible.  Christ was God's plan to bridge that mark and open the communication line back up.  We now have a hot line through Jesus directly to God's ear.  Yet, God still can only interact and effect the way the world only indirectly through intermediaries like the angels.  Now once we reach the right level of consciousness and training we are then called to do our part.  Now our training and preparation are on God's time table not ours.

We must look deep within ourselves and pray for guidance and before you know it when you have reach the right level of training and spiritual awareness you will understand what your sacred contract and mission here on earth is.  God will point you in the right direction and set your feet on the path to your work.  Trust me when I tell us that eventually all of us are called to work and do our part.

Trust me God has a way of holding us where we need to be, to teach us what we need to know, to prepare us for the things we have to do and has a patience that is beyond comprehension.  We are saved by grace and are under the second covenant of God.  We are no longer constrained by the law, which is the old testament of the Bible with the coming of Christ and his subsequent death, the old covenant was done away with and we were given through Christ's teaching a set of new commandments to follow.  These commandments were few and simple.  He taught of love and doing for others as you would do unto yourself.  Second was to go out and be fishers of men.  He taught that we are not to judge, he walked and preached to the sinners.  He told us to love the person and hate the sin.  He spent His time with the lowly and downtrodden, he up lifted those who were persecuted, and recruited the most hated of the time the Tax Collectors to be disciples.  Saul, was a huge persecutor of christian's and a tax collectors he was visited by Christ and his vision was taken from him till he converted. Once he converted he changed his name from Saul to Paul and became an esteemed and highly effective disciple.   The last commandment was children obey your parents so that your days may be many.

If we all just obeyed the simple commandment of loving one another the world would be such a better place and so different from what it is today.  Even if you don't believe anything that I have said in this entry, please take away this one thing.  Love is the key to making the world a much healthier and happier place.  Love yourself and love one another and you can change everything.  You will have done your job and fulfilled your sacred contract.

So the reason why we are here is so that we can be trained and do our part in the Eternal Plan of God.
We are preparing the way for the Second Coming of Christ, and we are fulfilling the our sacred contract and fulfilling our destiny.

The reason why you are going through what you are going through, is to strengthen you and prepare you for the work you will be called to do.  The reason why God allows you to suffer, is because of original sin God cannot directly interfere with us except through intermediaries such as the Angels and Holy Spirit.  Hopefully this will help you in some way to search inside of yourself and seek with in for the answers you seek, and what are you mission here on earth through the fulfilling of your sacred contract.

Again, I hope that this wasn't too full of religion for you to follow me.  I hope you will continue to follow me and read my posts.  Feel free to write to me at, look me up on facebook or leave a comment on my blog page and I will get back to you.

All my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B