Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is up with all the reboots on movies?

I really like to know why Hollywood is wasting all this money redoing movies that were fine to begin with.  Have they run out of ideas on which to write?  I can understand movies like Eric Bana's Hulk, it left a lot to be desired, but I don't see that Edward Norton's was much better.  Now they are doing a remake of Spiderman, why what was wrong with the franchise? I thought that Toby Maguire's Spiderman was great.  You had classic characters like Doc Oct, the Goblin and the Hobgoblin, Sandman it could have gone further.  Now we have a new Spiderman coming out July 3rd, entitled the Amazing Spiderman.  The only thing that I can glean is that this one is supposed to be closer to the comic and remain true to the original intentions of the writers.

Superman was phenomenal and cutting edge for when it was done.  Unfortunately, Christopher Reeves had his riding accident and the franchise suffered.  So the reboot of the franchise was warranted in that case.  However, there has been such a long waiting period between now and Superman returns that I honestly think that they are going to have to do yet another remake and restart of the franchise.  With the outpouring of superhero movies like: Green Lantern, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Fantastic Four and the Avengers, it leaves us wondering what is going to happen with the reboot of Batman, when are we going to see another Dark Knight Movie hit the big screen.  Is there another Fantastic Four movie coming?  Then you have Disney's attempt to reach out with the classic hero John Smith.  Though the movie did poorly in the theater, it was based on the Princess of Mars series and definitely had a lot of potential just needed less special effects and more plot and story development.  Then you have other movies like Ghost Rider which leaves us wondering what the writers were actually thinking because the first movie and the second don't flow together.

I think we are going to see a lot more superhero movies, and a whole lot more reboots, remakes and revamps. Some will be good, most will be mediocre, but with the new techniques and special effects magic that movie makers have at their disposal now most will do okay at the box office.  You also have to keep in mind that with the technology trends that we are seeing in home viewing with things like Blue-Ray, 3-D t.v. as well as the advances in filming with Real D and 3-D, as well as IMAX 3-D more and more movies will be made using this new technology.

Further, I envision a time when movie makers will immerse the audience deep within the movie experience.  I believe that the first approach will be head gear that gives you sound and place you almost in to the movie via virtual reality.  Once that medium is perfected and affordable I can see that movies would become an experience like stepping into Star Trek's Next Generation's Holodeck where the characters and story will be Holograms and you will actually play a role in the movie, and interact with the story line.  I honestly don't think that this reality is too far off in the future So, I think we are not anywhere near seeing the end of the reboots.  Each time a new medium becomes available and embraced Hollywood rushes into that realm and bombards us with an overwhelming abundance of movies in that vein.  It is unfortunate that filmmakers continue to re-write and redo the same movies over and over again.  Cinema was supposed to be an outlet for telling and showing a story.  It has since evolved to making movies over and over again which filmmakers think because they were blockbusters before they will do the same the second and third time around.  \

One of the movies I would like to see a remake of with all this new technology called 3-D would be Independence Day.  It was an action packed film that would fit nicely into the new medium.  But, would the movie be the same without Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom and Bill Pullman?  I am not so sure! Yet I think with the new 3 D technology it would be an awesome movie to see again.

So why is Hollywood remaking movies instead of filming new stories is because they are hoping to cash back in on the money they made the first time around and they are hoping to keep the different merchandise franchises alive.  There is a lot of money to be made out of Action Figures, coloring books, lunch boxes, and other things that generate revenue. This ensures that the public keeps aware of the names and faces of the characters as well as the actors who portray them.  It keeps sales in the marketplace liquid and fluid, supposedly boosting the economy.  Though I think this is unrealistic but that is the reasoning behind it.

As always my thoughts and hopes are with you

Uncle B