Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Approach of Spring

You can smell in on the night breeze that wafts through the window, the warm days and cool nights as winter looses it hold on the world.  It is on those warm night breezes that hope springs forth like the new growth of the plants outside.

Spring is a time of hope, a time of renewal and joy.  It is when nature comes back to life after it's winter hibernation. You can smell fresh smell of growth as the breeze filters through the screen door and out my window.

As the winter snows recede and new life breaks through the fertile earth, the daffodils grow lean and tall and as their blossom open to the new days sun.  It is the symbol that spring has finally come.  I remember watching as the stalks of the daffodils broke through the earth and i knew that winter was finally over.

It doesn't matter whether the groundhog had seen it's shadow or not, time waits for no one and the earth rotation continues ever onward.  The long winter nights are over and the days start to stretch ever longer.

Take hope in the new spring as it grows all around you. For it is easy to believe that everything is good and right in the world as the new foliage spring forth from the ground.  Feel that warm spring breeze as if flies through your window, smell the flowers as the new leaves sprout on trees.

It is the rain of spring that brings new life and the fertile earth gives new birth.  Enjoy the weather for the calm days of spring bring in the harsh warmth of summer.  Rain is scarce during the summer but so abundant in the spring.

I believe in the spring comes hope and joy.  I hope that you find it this season.  Because before you know it the world will have rotated and summer will be upon you.  Take with you the hope that spring gives you and use it throughout the year. Beware that the heat of summer will try and drain the hope you have gained.  You can weather this just as autumn like spring it  has cool nights and warm days.

Autumn and Spring complete a cycle of life, birth, growth and aging and death.  The seasons represent our lives and how we should live.  Remember that winter won't last forever and spring will come again.  It is the hope that new life will be born in the world that keeps you alive and well throughout the fall and winter.  Summer is the harsh reality of it all the stark sun drying the earth and withering the growth, it is during this time that growth is completed.

Take hope in the spring and make it last the whole year through.  Remember the warm days and cool nights because they come twice a year for you to signal the change of life to death.  Warm days in the spring and cool nights they come again in the autumn those same warm days and cool nights.

Remember I believe in you always.  Take heart in the new birth and growth that spring is about to bring you.  Learn to live your life in the moment and enjoy the seasons as they come.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B.