Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Does Love Grow and Flow? (A Poem)

It starts out as a feeling.
Which in turn turns into a hope.
Which in turn turns into a quiet thought.
Which in turns turns into a quiet word.
That word grows louder and louder.
Until it becomes a song in my heart.
Keep in mind that Just because everything is changing.
It doesn't mean that I have felt this way before.
True love has bitten me.
That's it and nothing more.
There will never be a need to Say Good-Bye.
You were my friend before, and now you have become so much more.
Your face, your touch, your voice are deep inside of me.
Every moment that we shared has shaped me and made me whole.
Etched in Stone upon my heart these memories are meant for you and me alone.
Every song I hear brings me back to you my dear.
And stirs up those memories I keep in here!
I am who I am and nothing more.
It's your faith, trust and hope that made me yours!
Because of you I became something so much more.
You inspired me and made my spirit soar!
Through my sorrow and my pain.
You stood beside me all the same.
Even when there was nothing to gain.
You never have to worry again.
I have tasted true love!
And I'll never say Good-Bye!