Sunday, November 4, 2012

A new understanding about unexpected happenings!

The other day we talked about coming through the storms that life throws our way.  How to focus on the light and have faith that God is going to see us through.  I also pointed out that when we least expect it how help comes from unexpected quarters, and when our strength falters it is God who carries us through.  But on top of that I have learned something else.  That with the bad comes the good in equal measure.

With that in mind I want to tell you a little story. It sort of goes hand in hand with the other two entries that I made on Friday.  It is all about how I was so stressed because I hadn't listened correctly to what my landlord was saying.  I heard something and got a little freaked out, thinking that he was changing the terms of our negotiation on the apartment and the deposits he wanted.  Now because of my misunderstanding I caused myself unnecessary panic, anxiety and worry over absolutely nothing. When he came by to have me sign the lease we talked about everything and it all became clear that I had made a mistake by not hearing or listening closely enough to the words he had spoken on the phone.  However, in my own defense when he called me Friday morning I was still in bed sound asleep, and may not have been fully awake.  That doesn't lessen my guilt in this case.

But as I reported in my blog entry on the storm, God enabled my money to stretch just far enough so that all my bills would be covered with a little extra to spare.  Keeping that in mind, this is what happened afterwards.  I had been in a state of panic and dismay all day Friday, doubting that I would make it and praying for a solution.  Which as I had indicated above was made, my money stretched just far enough that all the bills were covered and a tiny bit was left over.  Now, I started worrying about what I was going to eat, and how was I going to have gas for the month, you know typical monthly expenses.  Now, remember that I used the word DOUBT up above.  God can only work with us if we are open and receptive to His will and His terms, right?  You bet'cha, but this is what happened.  In the midst of my worrying and doubting I forgot to pray about this other worry and problem.  So Saturday morning I got up, was invited to my parents house for a cookout to meet my new stepbrother that is visiting from Ohio.  I had already met with the landlord and my fears were laid to rest there, he went over the agreement with me, we discussed my financial ramifications and everything was satisfactory.  I got to my parents house and was told that I had some mail in on the counter, went in to look at it and guess what I found?

Believe it or not, after all the worrying and doubting, answered prayer and the clearing of my own personal storm of my own making.  There was an envelope there that was addressed to me from the United States Treasury department.  Inside the envelope was a check for 100.10 for an over payment to the VA Administration for medication that I was billed for and paid.  Apparently with my condition and financial situation I qualify for my healthcare through the VA without co-pays a this point till my income changes.  So that little bit of money that I had increased enough to make it comfortable for me for the month.  I have food in the refrigerator and cabinets, a half a tank of gas, and only spent 40.00 from what I had.  That is when a new dawning hit me.  See, God provides, even in times of doubt and worry, He has got our back and when we are faced with a storm, whether one of our own making or one of the many that life throws at us, we are going to be taken care of.

Further, for every bit of good that we receive we have to experience the same amount of bad.  Which means for every bit of bad we survive and go through we are going to be rewarded with a little bit of goodness and fortune.  I should have realized this it is call the Law of Opposites and has been known for hundreds of years.  It took a simple little misunderstanding and a whole day of worrying and fretting to figure it out first hand and experience it.  As I said when I opened this entry, that when we keep our eye on the light, or God while in the midst of a storm, we are going to be delivered through it and from an unexpected corner help is going to come when we least expect it or are looking for it.

I hope that each of you keep this in mind, because it really is something that you can trust and believe.  Every time things get tough and I don't know how I am going to pull through a little miracle like that happens too me.  Now my pastor says that I am highly blessed and favored and I believe it. But that doesn't mean I should shirk my responsibilities or forget that I need to thank God for each and every blessing, because if I did that my personal and intimate walk with Him would be hurt.

Things happen too us for a reason, sometimes those reasons are self-evident other times they are not.  You have to understand where you are at and what you have been through to understand why you are going through what you are now.  We learn from these storms, and trials and if we do it right we also grow from them and have a greater understanding of the world and the way things work.  We are always rewarded for faithful service, and perseverance. We are never left to fend off things alone and that should renew our hope and faith.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B