Friday, June 1, 2012

Actions speak louder than words

It was pointed out to me that people can "talk the talk, but it is harder to walk the walk.".  Which basically means practice what you preach and do what you say.  The person who said this too me is absolutely correct.  It is always harder to live the life that you aspire too.  However, keeping in mind that we as individuals are the sum of our experiences, and the only true way that we learn is through experiencing pain, it might be easier to accept that a person has changed.

Sometimes the changes are dramatic, and other times they are so small they are hardly noticed.  But, each of us learns from the hurts we feel and are taught lessons by the consequences we have to face.  Sometimes the actions we take are right at the time they are done, yet in hindsight you see that the situation could have been handled very differently.  Yet, no matter, why something was done, and whether it was right in your eyes when you were doing it.  The truth remains that the consequences of your actions must be met. 

When you have come to accept to responsibility and the blame for your choices and actions, that is definitely a sign that your are growing and changing.  However, the first step in this process is to be honest with yourself and acknowledge what you have done, and then be receptive of the consequences.  In every situation there is always going to be someone who see's it differently then you.  This is a matter of perception, and if one party doesn't know all the facts, they have a tendency to infer or assume said facts and make their own conclusions, whether they are right or wrong, and they are going to cling to those assumptions and don't want to learn the truth of the matter.

No matter what has influencd you to change and mend your ways, whether illness, or leaving the drugs alone or whatever, you are making a change in your life for yourself and only yourself.  Does it really matter what others think?  Do you honestly care about their opinions?  No I didn't think you would.  Because it is a personal journey you are on. People come into your life for their time and they move on.  Nothing is constant in this world and life is very fluid.  But, if you want people to acknowledge the changes you have made you are being superficial.  You don't need their permission or acceptance.  You need to be strong within yourself and know that the changes you have made are for your betterment.

What is transparant here is the fact that you shouldn't have to tell someone you have changed, they should be able to see it.  Your actions, and your words are the same and you prove yourself daily that you have changed and migrated to the next level.  Life is a personal and solitary journey mostly, as I have said people come and go in your life in their alloted time..  You cannot force change on anyone, they have to want to change and be willing to accept the consequences associaated with that change.  No one can do it for you. It is extremely private and personal. 

You are a strong individual you have overcome so much, accomplished many things, and you are a winner no matter what anyone else thinks or believes.  If you have come to understand yourself better along the way, great!  If you are of your own mind and have reached a place in your life where you are absolutely honest with yourself, you know you can do anything. 

So yes, definitely it is easier to talk the talk then living it daily.  But guess what when you get there, those around you will see the changes in you and understand what you have been through.  Here are the words to live by "Practice what you preach, Do what you say, Mean what you say and let your actions speak for themselves. Love those around you, forgive those who have hurt you, make amends with those you have hurt, and above all else make sure you are doing it for yourself and never anyone else.". When you get here you will be totally Blessed. 

As always my hopes and dreams are with you.

Uncle B