Saturday, January 17, 2015

Love cannot change another person!

I need to tell you my friends, that love is not a cure all.  It cannot be the catalyst for change.  No matter how much you love someone you cannot expect them to change to fit your ideal person.  Love is something that is flexible and if you truly love someone you accept them for the whole package you shouldn't want them to change anything about themselves.

Yet, I can tell you that no one is perfect and each of us has preconceived notions of what life and love is supposed to be.  But, to be honest our ideals and opinions are skewed by our perceptions and what we have gone through before.  See you cannot compare one relationship to another.  That would be like comparing apples and oranges.  Both are fruits but they have different tastes, textures and flavors, each relationship is different. As are the people that you are in a relationship with, no two people are the same no matter what the circumstances are.

If you know a person, and let's say you have dated them in the past and you truly know them.  How can you expect them to be anything other than what they are?  Truly, take me and my ex as an example we came from a world where sex and drugs were the norm.  We had sex parties and had experiences with others in our relationship, yet when I got sick and couldn't party like we used to I expected him to change with me. I had hoped that the love we had for each other would be enough.  But, I realized that I didn't have the strength to save him, nor was I his mother or father, I couldn't inspire change.  Katy Perry said it best in her song "Circling the Drain" I wanted to be his lover not his mother, couldn't be his savior I didn't have the power.  I thought I was the exception, that I could rewrite his addiction, but he would make a hundred excuses why he needed to do it.  I hoped and prayed for change, it never came.

See, I was talking to my best friend this morning and I came to the realization that if you take an animal from their natural environment you cannot expect them to change.  They will still have their carnal nature to contend with.  It is true you can tame a lion, domesticate a cat or dog, but take something wild and bring it into your home, and see if you can change it's nature.  It can be done with skill, patience, and lots of dangerous experimentation.  However, I took my partner from the drug scene in Atlanta and moved us here to Daytona, I thought that by taking him out of the drug filled environment we used to live in, to a place where we knew absolutely no one that I could influence and inspire change in him.  Problem was the addiction was too strong and I watched as our lives started circling the drain like Katy Perry had said.

 He was going to start writing music and I was going to continue writing in my blog and for almost 2 years neither of us did what we had planned and the drugs crept back into our lives and soon our relationship was over. We were both on an emotional roller coaster and neither of us could or would let go of the past and the drugs that were in our lives.

I tried to change someone against their will. I wanted and hoped that the love that I felt for him would be enough to get him to change. But it wasn't and he finally left and went back to Atlanta where for the first couple of months he was heavily stuck in the drugs and bounced around. His leaving was the impetus for change in my life and I walked away from the drugs altogether and I started writing again and started to re-evaluate my life.  

I have noticed that since he was gone that the feelings that I have had for him weren't reciprocated.  I loved him, but in actuality he didn't love me.  No matter what my feelings for him were, and how hard I tried at the relationship it was doomed to fail because he wasn't totally in it.

Now, I have learned that it is so very easy to fall in love, but it is hard to stay in love.  You have to work at it. You have to nurture it and make it work. You have to be willing to compromise and you have to  be able to change yourself. Two people weren't necessarily meant to be together, this partnership or union is something that man created because of the need to feel complete. But if we look out in nature the wolf is the only animal that I can think of the mates for life. All other animals and creatures have multiple mates, they come together during the mating season and they have relations.

I think the concept of marriage and unions was initially something that was created by religion and has now become secular.  Florida just started granting same-sex partners Holy Union certificates.  Which means that these two individuals have come together to spend the rest of their life with. No matter what or who comes into their lives, they have committed to face it and fight it together.  Temptation is always going to spring up, but if you are truly committed to your vow, you will be able to withstand. I know that my grandfather never cheated on my grandmother.  I am sure there were some times that his eyes wandered but he remained true.  In our society today it is so easy to throw your hands up and walk away.  Forget that their are children and real lives involved in your decision.  Not only are you hurting each other but everyone around you that knows you.

It is hard work making any relationship work, but I think it can still be done in today's world. It will take effort on both parties part.  There can be no short cuts, no deceptions, you are going to have to be completely honest with yourself and your partner if it is going to work.  Remember we aren't all mind readers and we will never actually know what is going on in the head of our partner.  But if we share the same goals, same desires and we are helping each other to get there then let it be.  Relationships work better when the two individuals come together and maintain a sense of self and a sense of commitment.  It is important to remain true to yourself and have your own friends and go out and hang with them every once in a while. Yet, maintaining a mutual relationship with your partner, it is impossible to be around one another 24/7.  Tempers flair, interest are harbored and resentments creep in.  Maintaining a healthy sense of self and commitment can forestall and possibly prevent this from happening in your life.

None of us are perfect.  Therefore if we are not perfect creatures how can our ideals and ideas be realistic and perfect? Simple answer is they can't! So if none of us are perfect, and we are trying to be together, how can that work?  The answer is hard work and preserverance, you must want to be together and stay together.  Don't expect love to be a miracle worker and change the person into your ideal because it isn't going to happen you will have to change your ideal and thought process.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B