Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reflections on Happiness

I have been thinking a great deal about happiness lately.  We are raised in our society to go out and pursue happiness.  We set expectations and goals thinking that these are going to bring us happiness.  Some people struggle to find happiness in their work, others in their possessions, some in their children, home, car, etc.

What I have realized after this last meeting with my own mortality is that happiness is not some external force or item.  It isn't attained by reaching a goal or landing that fabulous job we have always wanted.  Happiness is a state of being.

Happiness comes from with in ourselves, it is the joy of helping others, it is becoming comfortable with who you are.  But lets go a little further.  Happiness is the key ingredient needed to become truly prosperous.  Now by prosperity, I am not talking just financial wealth, I am talking about a truly happy and prosperous person.

Happiness comes from an inner harmony of your mind and your heart. Happiness is becoming self aware, content and happy with where you are at in your life.  Happiness is understanding that everyday is a blessing and we need to be thankful for the things that we have in our lives and what we have achieved to that point.

Now Prosperity builds on this: you see a truly prosperous person has become content and accepting of who and what they have at every given moment of their life.  It doesn't mean that they don't have any goals or aspirations, it means that they have accepted themselves for who they are, they acknowledge their limitations and shortcomings, regroup and stay focused on their next endeavor.  Being happy is a state of consciousness that allows positive energy to flow around you and through you.  It enables you to draw more positive energy into your life.  Prosperity utilizes that energy and allows you to be open and receptive to your blessings.

Now that I have brought up the subject of positive energy, I would like to explain it to you in as simple a way as I can. Spiritual energy or energy of the soul or ethereal energy is an energy force that is around us all throughout nature.  Now this energy field (which auras and the current that flows through our human body) acts and reacts differently than the electrical energy or current of the physical or real universe ie: our conscious reality of daily life.  You have to understand that in our physical world that is governed by science and the natural laws of physics opposite energies attract one another.  An example of this can be conducted by a simple experiment using two magnets.  If you remember from physics class each magnet has two poles a positive and a negative pole.  Now, if you place the two magnets with poles facing each other the positive pole to positive pole the magnet is pushed away from each other..The opposite is also true that the negative sides will also repel each other.  The magnets when put in close proximity with the opposite poles facing each other will be pulled together.  This is commonly referred to as the law of attraction.

Using that knowledge as a basis, you will begin to understand that spiritual energy or ethereal energy operates in a totally opposite fashion.  Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  The more positive energy we send out into the world the more positive we receive back.  So you may be asking yourself at this point what has all of this to do with being happy.  This is the basis of becoming aware of yourself and the energy around you.  You will be more receptive through prayer, meditation, or positive visualization, these harmonize the mind, body and soul, into a higher state of consciousness and open us up for our desires to be manifested from our mind into the spiritual world, which in turn manifests them in the physical world.  So yes, you can make yourself well, you can achieve anything that you truly set your mind upon.

However, happiness is a man made vice that if you go off to seek it you will never find it. You must reach within yourself and see what you have accomplished, who you have helped and touched and be comfortable with where you are at each stage your life.  You must know that the road is long and when you hit a road bump or a fork in the road, that it is just that it is a thing to overcome or a place to make a choice, but if you are content and comfortable with yourself you will have happiness throughout your journey.  You don't know the future or what it holds, but you do know where you were, where you have come from and you know how you have grown, rejoice and enjoy see the happiness and seize it.  Because the next phase is going to be so much easier once you have done it.

Have you ever come to a place where all the doors are closed?  Have you stopped and wondered why?  Think about this...maybe all the doors are closed so when you open one it will lead you to the right road you need to be upon.

Thanks for reading this and staying with me this far...let me know what you think....I will write some more of my reflections hopefully they will be able to uplift and help someone.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B