Friday, June 19, 2015

Why do people do the stupidest things and think no one notices?

I had a good example of that just today.  A person whom I thought was a friend was at my house again today.  Hmm let's see he's actually been here for the past 5 days.  Eating my food, bathing at my place and generally just sitting around and watching TV.  Oh yeah he would cook something if I asked him too, but for the most part he just used my place as a hang out.  I come into my apartment from visiting my back yard neighbors and James, the guy I have been talking about, was packing up his stuff and putting them into the backpack I lent him just the other day.  He leaves while I was in my room talking to my neighbors daughter about her relationship problems.  I had no idea that anything was bother James, he never took a minute to tell me good bye or anything.  I heard my partner head out the door calling James name, I still didn't think anything of it.  I had been told that he and my neighbors were going to hippiefest over on the beachside.  So I just figured he was going down there for that.

Not even 3 minutes later I hear a knock at the door and I head out of my bedroom to see who it was, and it was the girls mother.  She asked where her daughter was and I said in my bedroom. She told me that she wanted to see her daughter, who was coming out of my kitchen.  Her mother was in a state of panic, James had gone downstairs and told them that their daughter was locked in my bedroom.  Now mind you the door from my bedroom to the living room was wide open.  So how on earth was anyone locked in my room.  Anyhow the mother and daughter talked and the strangest story I ever heard began to unfold.

James had gone down stairs claiming not only was the daughter locked in my room, that I stole his xanax and then later I was also accused of stealing money out of this James' account.  A few hours earlier I took James up to the bank where they printed out the statements for his checking and saving account.  He was looking at it and couldn't understand it and gave it too me.  I showed him what all the daily transactions were on his account and how his overdraft protection had kicked in, and he swore up and down that he didn't make those transactions.  I clearly pointed out to him what the bank is going to tell him that it was done with his debit card.  It showed right on the statement that the debit card was used with a pin and listed the last 4 digits of the card for identification.

Now, James went down there and got everyone all riled up, and started sending me very accusatory text messages stating that I knew what I did and that I should just lose his number.  But the more I tried to reason with him the more inflammatory his text messages became.  So I went down to the neighbors where he was trying to hide out and sell his bullshit too.  Anyhow I went down there and tried to have a conversation with him and the more logical I became the more irate he became.  He told me that I needed to leave him alone and that I needed to leave the drama outside because it wasn't his home.  Duh! I knew that he is homeless and a derelict to society not to mention a very heavy pill junkie.  But onward, he asked the woman of the house to ask me to leave, and I turned and apologized to her and told her I was leaving.  However, before I left I told James that I wanted my phone back. the charger and the backpack because I had lent him those things.  He told me that he wasn't giving me shit back because of all the things he has done for me.

To make matters worse he tried to tell me that he had recorded a conversation between my partner and him and that he was filling out paperwork with the police to have my partner arrested for threatening him.  I just wrote back and told him that he should be careful because he was the one in possession of stolen property which is a charge, and he would go to jail too.  He really didn't like that and wrote back "oh what that thing you stole from big lots" .  Which is hilarious because the charger that he has in his possession is the one that my father bought me at Best Buy. When I told him that he shut up.

However, upon talking with the neighbors, he apparently told them that he had left his wallet in the backseat of my car and that I stole the money from his bank.  I have to laugh at that because first off I never touched his wallet at all and if I had I certainly wouldn't have just taken 70 dollars out of his account. I would have withdrawn everything that I could.  Now, he knows that I have no money and haven't had any since the 10th of June so if I stole the money what did I do with it and why am I out of cigarettes and everything else.  I don't even know what his pin number is, so how did I have access to the account at all.

He really doesn't know how retarded his actions were tonight and how all the neighbors know that he was lying, as a matter of fact the neighbor lady told me that James was a pathological liar and couldn't keep all of the shit straight and that no one takes him seriously.  How sad it is for someone his age throwing a temper tantrum like this and bringing everybody into it, and for what possible reason?  It just made him look that much more foolish.  I really do feel sorry for the man because he just lost the best friend he could have ever had, over what?  because he felt left out or felt that someone stole from him.  If any of that was the case then why was he fine all day till the neighbors daughter showed up?  Why wasn't any of his concerns brought to my attention before he left my apartment? Better yet, if he thought that I stole his pills or weed or whatever why did he offer to buy some for him and my partner just 20 minutes before all of this happened?  Also while we were at the bank together why didn't he tell his suspicions to the bank clerk?  Why didn't he call the police when he was sitting in my living room trying to find out where his ex wife's death certificate was?

His behavior is truly suspect and from this point forward people should be afraid of him.  He snorts too many xanax and loratabs and then can't remember what he is doing.

I can tell you what I think this is all about is that he offered to pay my partner 50/50 on painting the neighbors privacy fence and earlier today he mentioned that he hoped that JT would let him know something about the fence soon because he didn't want to do it in the heat of the summer.  Now this means that he would have to give my partner 200 dollars for helping him and doesn't want to loose out on the money so he made this whole situation up so he could get out of it.  Well he has another thing coming too him I am going over there and telling JT that I will do it and I will get paid.

I am also going to make sure when he shows up here tomorrow that the Holly Hill Police and have him trespassed off the property permanently because now he has stolen from me I have grounds to enforce a trespassing warrant.

He really should be ashamed of trying to take my kindness for weakness.  Why would you repay the person who has opened his home to you and allowed you to stay and shower there and never asked him for a cent of rent or charged him more than 3 or 4 dollars for gas for all the rides I have given him.

Be very careful who you trust these days because you never know what type of foolishness a person like James will pull on you.  But as they say you can't help a drug addict unless they want to help themselves.  God knows what I have done and my heart and I have nothing to be sorry for or worried about because the accusations that were made were nothing but pure lies.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B