Sunday, January 15, 2017

When is enough enough?

Sometimes in life you have to weigh whether each situation warrants our continuance or our separation.  Each situation has to be weighed carefully so that we don't hurt ourselves or others.  Many times we enter into agreements or arrangements without thought to the future. You must be true to yourself and honest as well in order to know the appropriate time on which to make our exit. 

Knowing when to fold your hand and throw in, is just as important as understanding the odds of the cards stacked against you. Yes you have made a promise or an agreement, but if all facts were not known at the time of making such agreement can you be truly blamed for ​changing your mind. Though it is never pleasant backing out of an agreement or arrangement it sometimes becomes necessary when your health, wealth and stability are threatened.

Always gather as much knowledge as you can before entering into such arrangements and be sure to keep your​options open for as long as you can. It is easier to change your mind before agreeing than afterwards. Because there are always consequences for terminating an agreement ahead of the prescribed time. Always be wary and aware.

As always Live well, Love much and Laugh often.

Uncle B