Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh to be Thankful

It's that time of year again where we come together as family and friend's too celebrate what we are thankful for, the blessings that we have received throughout the previous year.

This tradition comes from our forefathers that pioneered our country, but has since become a worldwide tradition. Families all around the world get together this one day out of the year to celebrate and give thanks for what they have, what they have come through, and who hey are with.

Thanksgiving is the beginning of our holiday season, where people start thinking and caring for others. Last year at this time I asked each of you to try and celebrate your blessings daily. I asked you to think of others besides yourself and to reach your hand out in love and friendship to any and everyone that you came in contact with. Remember me telling you that you never know where a casual conversation is going to lead you. I also stressed that by extending our selves with compassion ,love and understanding that the world around us would become a much better place. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and ignore or choose not to see those around us that may be struggling with life and living ourselves. Don't you think it would be a much happier and friendlier place to live if everyone around us followed my advice?

I keep trying to remind you that everything in this life is temporary and transitory. Now for those of you that don't understand what I am trying to tell you here is a better way to think about things. Each and every situation that you find yourself in,  know in your heart that somehow you are going to make it through. The way my grandmother used to put it was " this too shall pass".  Transitory means ever changing or moving around., nonpermanent.  Just think about it, how much easier is your life going to be if you always keep in mind that everything moves on, no problem is too big and won't last forever. Because everything in our physical world has an expiration date. We may not know what that date is, all we need to know is that for a period of time you are going to have to deal with it and then it is gone.  This alone should lift some of your hearts. But, keep in mind that you are probably not the only person going through whatever it is. Someone out there is dealing with something very similar and might have the answer that you are looking for.

This time of year is also a time to work through self pity and depression, no matter what you are going through or facing, there is someone else out there that is going through something much more difficult or who is worse off then you. By giving thanks daily for the blessings you receive will make it easier for you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. To truly understand what they are going through and will allow you to extend your hand in compassion. Helping them to ease their burden and by doing so may actually ease your own.

Thanksgiving is a time where we need to reach out to those around us who comfort us, strengthen us, and give us stability and thank them for their help and support.  I have learned over the last few years just how important a support network is to me. Especially now that I am sick.  Life happens to everyone and time marches forward and none of us knows when our time will end here on earth.

So let me tell each of you this: I am thankful and grateful that each and everyone of you is in my life. You mean the world to me, and have been through an awful lot of health issues and relationship problems, but as always I have made it through and I want you to know that I couldn't have come this far without your love, support and help. You are my extended family. I love you!

Once again I call on you to not just make Thanksgiving not just one day a year but a celebration that last throughout the coming year. I promise that by being thankful and being loving and compassionate to others will make your world so much better and people will respond in kind. Trust me this can work and each of us can make this world a better place. Remember that nothing lasts forever and you will make it through. Let me know how you are doing.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B