Monday, February 2, 2015

Food for Thought Feb 2, 2015

This is a little teaser to get you to start thinking about yourself and where you want to go.  I call these little tidbits Food for Thought:

Life is what you make of it. Remain positive, smile at everyone, laugh at adversity, and be confident in your actions. Remember you are a work in progress, strive for perfection one day at a time. At the end of your journey you are going to find out that you have been molded and sculpted into a priceless and precious work of art. We are all unique, we have our own personalities, let your light shine to the world. Be yourself, love unconditionally, learn something new each day. Remember when trouble comes your way "This too Shall pass and fade away".

If you remember this throughout the day today, I think you will find that you have been blessed.