Saturday, January 23, 2016

The 2016 formula for personal success

2016 is already shaping up to be a time for change and transition.  The prospects of falling into the same rut that you ended up in during 2015 isn't something you are excited about or willing to accept.  Recently,  I spoke to you about taking the initiative and putting yourself out there. If you don't know what i am talking about. You need to go back and read "Nothing ventured Nothing gained". 

Here is something I do know if you really want something and are willing to put in the effort toward getting it, you can and will achieve it. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to achieve it, all you have to do is take a step in that direction. No one wakes up and says I want this and they get it right away. You have got to set the stage, gather the required skills to accomplish something.  Once you have the skills, you have to get on the appropriate path, then work towards your desired goal.  Let me try to explain it a little more clearly.  You have to do some research on whatever topic or goal that you want to strive for. You must at least struggle to get a complete picture of what it is you want, from there you must look for a path to carry from the point you are at to the point where you want yourself to be. Then set out working towards that, don't be scared you just have to take that first step.  The knowledge you seek you must somehow learn and the only way you can do that is by taking small steps toward that goal.

When I was in my 20's,  I knew that I wanted more for myself than working for minimum wage.  I saw an opportunity for a new beginning and I took the steps that put me out there. Computers were becoming household objects and everybody wanted one. This was something that really hasn't changed much at all. Computers are common place now, literally everywhere you go.  The first movement was everybody wanted one, then everyone had one, then they wanted them smaller,  easier to transport, so portability became a factor which changed the industry.  Next became what we wanted the computers to do for us. Desktops became laptops, laptops became ultra or power books. But still people wanted more functionality and portability.  Now we are at a point where everyone now carries around their own personal mini computer. It is either in the form of a phone or tablet. So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because I knew that I wanted to be involved in this.  I left Orlando with an internal understanding that I was going to achieve this, I was going to be a part of that industry. I didn't know how or when but I knew I had something to offer. I left Orlando and moved to Atlanta where I became a flight attendant, which allowed me the money to buy the books I needed to train myself everything I could learn about programming and computers.  It took me 4 years of investing and educating myself to the point where I felt competent enough to step out and apply for a job in my chosen career. But here I ran into another road block, a degree. At that time every company was looking for people that could do as well as have the degree. 

Finding myself in this situation, I understood that all the knowledge that I had would only get me so far. So, I went back to school and used what I taught myself to achieve a bachelors degree as well as my master's degree. These pieces of paper gave legitimacy to my knowledge and allowed me to move forward in my field.  I have made lasting contributions in my field I positioned myself as an expert in my field, I was able to utilize my business knowledge with my technical skills to create a bridge between the two and filled a gap that I saw. I became a liaison the two, translating the business needs to the development teams and built processes and programs to further overall agenda for many companies and government entities that will last long after I am gone.

To those around me I became a go getter. I saw what I wanted and I reached out and did it. I took the risk and achieved the goal I aimed for. It may seem like I knew what I was doing, but the truth of the matter was I just applied myself and made a fit, it wasn't always perfect, yet it worked. So here we are and I want you to be as successful as I was and it really comes down to a very simple formula. You too can be a go getter and a trailblazer.  All you have to do is:

1.) Be yourself  - become totally comfortable in your own skin.
2.) Create your own destiny - nothing is carved in stone. Do what you can and what you know.
3.) Use your gifts - I used the ability to learn and taught myself what I needed. I also applied my talents to every project.
And finally,
Open yourself to change. Expect that as you apply yourself your environment and surroundings are going to change be ready for when they do.

You are now well on your way towards achieving and sustaining your own personal success.

As always my hopes and dreams are with you,

Uncle B